Wimblu tells stories about the culture-nature relationship with the aim of engaging the viewer sensorially and empathically with our planet. We use the language of creative documentary to explore reality from the concerns, the imagination and the expressive freedom of each author.


Our stories are born without haste, from the encounter between research, art and interdisciplinary collaboration. Amid the planetary crisis that we are going through, we aspire to stories that give us a sense of belonging and connection; allowing ourselves to be guided by a genuine curiosity for the materiality of the world, the human and non-human societies, the expression of time and the endless possibilities of life on Earth.

who are we?

Pablo Franceschi

Alessandra Baltodano

Carolina Bello


Daniela Linares

Javier Sánchez

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Según las creencias Bribri, en el cuerpo habitan dos almas: la del ojo derecho y la del izquierdo. Al morir, Wikol, el alma del ojo derecho, viaja hasta el inframundo. Wimblu, el alma del ojo izquierdo, permanece entre los huesos rondando el mundo de los vivos.  


According to Bribri beliefs, two souls inhabit the body: the right eye soul and the left eye soul. At death, Wikol, the right eye soul, travels to the underworld. Wimblu, the soul of the left eye, remains among the bones prowling the world of the living.