Most users live in shelters, because for one reason or another, they have no one to take care of them. The Center is a place that helps them develop skills, exercise and socialize with other adults.develop skills, exercise and socialize with other adults.

This photo-essay project was a joint effort with ACIOSA. The complete documentation and image rights belong to ACIOSA.

In an old wooden house surrounded by coffee plantations located in Barrio El Socorro, Heredia, is the Center for Occupational Integration and Related Services (ACIOSA), this Non-Governmental Organization, non-profit, contributes to the social integration of adults with disabilities.

Several times during 2008 and 2009 I visited The Center to document and capture the users daily activities. I was able to approach different users to capture their stay at The Center, where they spend most of the day (7:30am to 3pm).

Barrio El Socorro (Neighborhood El Socorro) 

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Photos - Pablo Franceschi

Year - 2008-2009

Location - Costa Rica

Text - Pablo Franceschi

Según las creencias Bribri, en el cuerpo habitan dos almas: la del ojo derecho y la del izquierdo. Al morir, Wikol, el alma del ojo derecho, viaja hasta el inframundo. Wimblu, el alma del ojo izquierdo, permanece entre los huesos rondando el mundo de los vivos.  


According to Bribri beliefs, two souls inhabit the body: the right eye soul and the left eye soul. At death, Wikol, the right eye soul, travels to the underworld. Wimblu, the soul of the left eye, remains among the bones prowling the world of the living.