This project began with an auto-ethnographic research carried out in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica; which is known as an eco-tourist destination of great prestige for being one of the most bio-diverse places in the world. This place became the perfect starting point to begin our exploration on the phenomenon of tourism, from its relation with nature.

For a year and a half we documented our coexistence with tourists and locals in the area, as well as with the dense nature that surrounded us. It was then that the questions about what is our "true" relationship with nature arose, 

with nature arose, a permanent reflection on those contradictions that arise in an endless struggle to survive.


The idea of ​​creating projects together emerges as an experiment that tries to question the author's role as a unique creator, as well as to expand the possibilities of interpretation and expression of the same theme.


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Photos - Carolina Bello y Pablo Franceschi

Year - 2011 to 2013

Location - Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Text - Carolina Bello y Pablo Franceschi.

Según las creencias Bribri, en el cuerpo habitan dos almas: la del ojo derecho y la del izquierdo. Al morir, Wikol, el alma del ojo derecho, viaja hasta el inframundo. Wimblu, el alma del ojo izquierdo, permanece entre los huesos rondando el mundo de los vivos.  


According to Bribri beliefs, two souls inhabit the body: the right eye soul and the left eye soul. At death, Wikol, the right eye soul, travels to the underworld. Wimblu, the soul of the left eye, remains among the bones prowling the world of the living.