Essay of reflexive nature that encourages thoughtful questions about the manipulation and construction of spaces, and the transformations in landscape made by the human being, which shows the cultural changes  evident in certain sectors of our society. It also intends to invite the viewer to learn to read us as a society by the tracks we leave enshrined in our spaces. It notes that the landscape has not only pictorial function, but are loaded with information elements, traces and memories.

The Simulation (El Simulacro)

These photographs are part of an ongoing essay that is called “Cultural Simulation”. The essay pretends to observe, thanks to landscape photography, the relationship between men and space in contemporary societies (their personal spaces and the urban landscape more specifically). The urban landscape contains a countless amount of spaces that we “inhabit”,  or rather transit them, daily and continually. Artificial spaces constructed  in this the “era” of the “culture of the emptiness”, spaces that become contexts of simulation and are converted in non-places.


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Photos - Daniela Linares

Year - 2009

Text - Daniela Linares

Según las creencias Bribri, en el cuerpo habitan dos almas: la del ojo derecho y la del izquierdo. Al morir, Wikol, el alma del ojo derecho, viaja hasta el inframundo. Wimblu, el alma del ojo izquierdo, permanece entre los huesos rondando el mundo de los vivos.  


According to Bribri beliefs, two souls inhabit the body: the right eye soul and the left eye soul. At death, Wikol, the right eye soul, travels to the underworld. Wimblu, the soul of the left eye, remains among the bones prowling the world of the living.